Apiary Magazine Collaboration!

Back in May, while I was photographing Bok Tech, I teamed up with Philadelphia poet Sherone Inaru, who was working with other poets from Apiary Magazine to document the school closings through poetry.  Her poem is below.


students haunt hallways
and staircases
eyes searching beyond camera lenses
for faces
that’d seek their story
they said we couldn’t ask
though it’s already known
this used to be their playground
A League of Their Own
badges and lanyards
no one seemed to care
that next year
would’ve been senior year
they’d have carried this alma mater
the colors
pep rallies
chant loudly
in tune to an orchestra
vibrating the foundation
years from now
who will know what was created
or what was in the making?
blueprints toward college admission
Le Bok Fin’s newest chef master in the kitchen
$300 million toward a new prison?
searching for advocates
not the most powerful pacifists
in support of abandonment
who knew they’d really take our education
and start cashing in
on an auction block with an inmate
but in light of such mistake
any one of us could take his place
become another number
and let such be the case
all we needed was a fighting chance
not a fucking circumstance
they’ll have so many of us over there
we’ll start pouring out the door
in yet another school
decrepit and worn
until rain’s pouring through the roof
and we’re falling through the floor
and if performance was poor
let it show that attitude reflected leadership
that bright future
didn’t believe in it
pleaded it
but the village wasn’t seeing it
and the concerned became fewer
for every finger pointed at each other
there were three pointed back at each accuser
all of us
christian, muslim, and the not so spiritual
were waiting for miracles

made from the interior of collapsing stars
pushed toward the exterior
leave the door ajar
for one last look at the journey thus far
turn the page
and realize that this is not the end


— Sherone Inaru


(Library at Bok Tech)



Interview en Konbini en français!

Hot off the press! Interview on French pop culture website Konbini
In which I can be found rambling about school closings in Philadelphia, my photography and industrialized monoculture…
“Ces photos documentent certainement une époque : celle de la fin de l’instruction publique aux États-Unis, de l’avènement de l’austérité et de l’abandon de la notion de bien public.”

(Phone snap of security checkpoint in a Philadelphia public school)